E-Safety and Safeguarding

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It is vital to educate our pupils about online safety in a 21st Century school. Our pupils often participate in lessons where online security issues are highlighted, so that they can make independent decisions about keeping themselves safe whilst in the digital and real world. A Police Liaison Officer will also visit the school to support the learning within the classroom, and to ensure that the appropriate safeguarding messages are shared with the children and staff.

Please take the opportunity to visit the links below to find information and complete activities, which will promote a wider awareness of e-Safety issues.

Who do I contact for guidance or Support

E-Safety Guidance

At Ysgol Llanddarog, we believe that the use of information and communication technologies at our school brings great benefits. Recognising the e-Safety challenges and planning accordingly will help to ensure appropriate, effective, safe and positive use of electronic communications.

Social Networking – Aguide for parents
School Staff – Guidelines for E-Safety

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